Custom T-Shirt or iPhone cover designs

  • Like a shirt but want it a bit different?
  • Want to add a name or names to make it personal?
  • Want to change colour/s?
  • Add or remove some text?
  • Want something completely different for an occasion or event?
  • Something for the company you work for?

  Then please feel free to Contact Us with your requirements and we will see what we can produce for you. If you have specific images you want on a shirt, say for a birthday,  we can accommodate this too, just email us the image/s to along with any other requirements such as colors to use for text etc.

Once you approve a design it will be uploaded to either Zazzle or Redbubble, whichever you decide, and a link will be emailed
to you for you to purchase your design
Both are equally excellent with their manufacturing and prices, but at present only Zazzle offer a bulk buy discount.
(11+/10%, 26+/15%, 51+/20%, 101+/30% and 251+/35%)
They also offer regular promotional discounts.
  Redbubble offer shipping discounts for 4+ shirts and also offer regular promotions

In the case of iPhone covers, they are only available through Zazzle

Please note: We do not charge for our design service, but any and all designs we are asked to do
will only be available through us, once uploaded to either manufacturing website.
The designers will retain copyright on all designs unless signed over to the purchaser