About Craigbern Photography

Craigbern Photography was originally set up to produce portraits, wedding photography, and other photographic images.

As our work progressed however, we found our true strength lay more with designing, as well as nature, in particular birds, and landscape photography, so we moved more in this direction, and away from the portraits and weddings.
We will still do some portraits etc, but really only for friends.

We started to design T-shirts and cards, and had some very positive and encouraging feedback, so continued and tried to broaden our subject matter and skills. We are completely self taught.

Craigbern Photography is in fact a husband and wife 'team'. I use the word 'team' loosely as we both have very different styles and interests in our designing, but when it comes to the website and all other things, we work closely together to do the best we can. We are our own worst critics, and very picky about what designs we consider good enough, and have a strong enough relationship to expect a candid reply when we ask "what do you think of this?"
Basically, we have our own areas of interest, and design to these interests.

Although we have had a change of direction, we decided to keep the name as that's what we had become known by.

The husband part is me, Craig, and the wife part is Bernie.
I am English, and Bernie is Australian. We are based in Tamworth, NSW, Australia.

I love ALL things Australian, and from the general theme of this site, that should show through LOL. The Australiana theme for the T-shirts came about because of this, and my passion for this wonderful, diverse country.
I have loved this place since I first stepped foot here in 2006.
And I look forward to the day I can become an Australian Citizen, which isn't too far away.

Bernie loves Australia too, but likes to concentrate on events like Christmas, Easter, Birthdays etc, and her photography.
She has only been photographing for the last couple of years, but has come such a long way in that time.
She loves to design, and is very very good at it, even more so when you consider she is legally, but not fully, blind.

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We also welcome any feedback you may wish to give

That is a bit more about us, and why we do what we do. We hope you enjoyed the read.

Craig and Bernie